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Gaslight Community Conservatory

The Gaslight Community Conservatory is the house company that runs and maintains the Denair Gaslight Theater facility, sponsoring productions and events that benefit the community.

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A dance program for children potty trained through 18 years old.  Dance styles offered are ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop.  Each semester will conclude with a recital.

Spring Semester:  February - June

Fall Semester:  September - December

Cost:  $30 per student per month + $10 registration fee + recital costumes

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A youth performing arts program focused on training young thespians in the art of theatrical performance and production. 

The program is separated into two groups:  Minimites (Ages 5-12) and Starmites (Ages 13-19).  

Each semester will be comprised of thematic lessons  and conclude with a theatrical performance.  Thematic lessons include, but are not limited to, set design, prop handling, costume design, makeup artistry, lighting, sound and acting.

Spring Semester:  January - May

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